hiSpace represents the latest addition to Teknion’s height-adjustable tables offering. hiSpace is highlighted by a  signature square leg profile, C-Leg design and electric height-adjustment range.

A digital display switch with three memory settings is standard. hiSpace is also available in freestanding and stage-integrated versions for use with the upStage furniture system.

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Thesis has been designed to address today’s evolving learning trends. Similar to the changes seen over the past few years in office environments, educational institutions are also experiencing a shift in the way that students learn and interact. Thesis can be applied to create collaborative spaces for group work or conversational applications, or pulled apart for independent learning alternatives.

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Audience, Boardroom + Meeting Tables

Designed specifically to furnish boardrooms and meeting rooms, the Audience® offering comprises a complete line of tables and boardroom storage (including credenzas, hospitality carts and A/V carts). A selection of sizes, shapes, leg options and finishes – from veneer to laminate – differentiate boardroom tables from meeting tables.

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Community Table

In today’s human-centered workplace, a new trend is emerging. Large, shared community tables are appearing in office lobbies and reception areas, corporate cafes and open work areas.

Teknion’s community table is designed to be in tune with these human needs and modern workstyles. A model of simple, straightforward design, the table’s substantial proportions make it a focal point for any space, an architectural anchor that invites interaction.

Tables are available in custom dimensions to meet clients’ exact requirements, and are created at Teknion’s Solutions Woodwork facility with its signature high level of craftsmanship.



Your next posture is your best posture. The most functional table is one that supports frequent changes of position to promote healthful circulation, and supports alert and productive work.

Complements Tables enable an immediate sit/stand range that allows fluid movement throughout the day, ideal to ease intensive computer work or accommodate multiple users.

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Expansion Meeting Tables

Expansion® Meeting Tables are designed to complement the Expansion Casegoods offering. The line comprises several table shapes and support options, and can be equipped with an integrated wire management system that delivers power and data to the table surface.

Work tools such as a Lectern and Wall-Mounted Display Board address the special needs of the conference room.


Expansion Training Tables

Expansion® Training Tables is a versatile collection of mobile, multi-purpose tables ideally suited for focused individual or interactive group training, seminar or presentations to large or small groups and training activities in general-use and designated training areas.


Foundations Conferencing

Drawing upon a minimalist aesthetic, the Foundations collection pares down furniture structure and surface to its essence to reveal a striking architecture of simple horizontal and vertical planes.

Foundations Conferencing addresses the multiple functions of meeting rooms with modular tables that are ideal for active spaces defined by collaboration and subject to the dynamics of change. Modular tabletops simplify installation and allow for aesthetic range with the use of contrasting finishes.


Height-Adjustable Bench

The office needs to move. The Height-Adjustable Bench provides each user individual control of their work and movement. A wide product scope allows sit/stand height adjustability to be easily integrated in bench planning environments.

The Height-Adjustable Bench is based on the Livello electric sit/stand mechanisms and aesthetic.

Single or linked, stations create a workspace that fully supports user sit/stand work heights, technology requirements and individual privacy.

Aesthetic and physical integration with Interpret™, Leverage® and other Teknion® systems products is supported in an offering focused on systems details, common screen datums, multiple electrical packages and two ranges of electric height adjustment.


Livello Tables

Livello™ is a collection of height-adjustable workstation tables and mobile, flip-top meeting tables. Livello supports dynamic, multi-functional spaces that easily transition as new needs arise.

Work tables integrate seamlessly with freestanding or panel-based environments and enable users to adjust tables to fit the task at hand. Height adjustment permits seated or standing work and allows for a healthy variety of postures throughout the day.

The Livello Counterbalance workstation table, with proprietary counterbalance mechanism, employs a spring to counteract the weight on the worksurface. This mechanism affords a consistent user experience independent of the weight on the table – as long as the table is balanced, the same amount of force is required to lift or lower the table.

Livello flip-top, height-adjustable meeting tables move quickly into place for casual meetings and, when the area is required for other uses, nest and store in minimal space.

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